Thursday, February 22, 2007

Three Book Mini-Rants

I am easily irritated by little stuff these days. So, here are some things that have forced me to stop reading - at least long enough to mutter at the book.

*I'm paraphrasing, but I read a book where the character was having an internal monologue about how her family thought it was weird that she was in South America. She thought that her family felt that the no places was worth going unless it was New York, LA, DC, certainly nowhere below the Mason-Dixon line. Except that DC is below the Mason-Dixon line. And there were so many ways to tweak that sentence to eliminate that.

*Again, internal monologue. This book is the first of a series and boy can you tell with all the info dumping about everyone who is going to recur. The character is thinking about a friend and employee who, while living in a small Southern town, dress stylishly and highlights his hair. The character states that he is clearly gay and the only person who doesn't know it is him. Except, he's not gay unless he is attracted to people of his same gender. There is nothing else that makes you gay. Now, certainly this character, could be suppressing an attraction to other men, but the character who is narrating offers no evidence of this. Which means, as far as everyone else knows, he is not gay.

*And one book in the pile contains a character who discovered her husband was cheating on her, thereby prompting STI testing. I applaud the fact that such a necessity was mentioned, however the character - who is supposed to be my age, in a book published in this millennium - refers to it as VD testing. I don't know how old the author is (some quick nosing determined that she graduated college in the late eighties) but really. The only reason I even know what VD is (they used the abbreviation in the book rather than the full words: venereal disease), is because I saw a very special episode of "Good Times" once upon a time. (I may even have asked my mother for clarification on what they were talking about.) Really, welcome to the present, people.

Updated because I remembered one.