Monday, February 05, 2007

That Was a Game

Congrats to the Colts and the Colts fans! I was a Colts fan for this game (and this playoffs season.) I have been a Tony Dungy fan for quite some time, so it's not totally out of (or into) the blue. While I am old enough to remember the Colts sneaky departure, I do not. I got most of my sports news through my parents and apparently it was not memorable enough to them or their conversations about it were not memorable enough to me. So, I have no such baggage. (Especially since my home team is not quite native to the area.)
Anyhoo - sorry Bears fans - maybe next year. All in all it was a great game - weather can always be a fun factor! (One reason I think they should play baseball in the rain. Just saying - might make it fun.)
Obligatory note on the ads, a few made me laugh, but very, very few will stand up to any sort of repeat viewing. And I'm sad - they used to have such great NFL ads - you know, tomorrow we are all undefeated, or the year they had folks - including Mr. Dungy - singing "So Happy Together" - I miss those.

From WaPo:
"I have to dedicate this to the guys who came before me," Dungy said after the game. "Jimmy Ray, Sherman Lewis, Lionel Taylor were great coaches in this league who could have done this if they'd been given the opportunity. Lovie Smith and I weren't the best, but we were given the opportunity. I feel so good about representing guys who paved the way for us."