Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Does Anybody Remember What We Were Talking About?

So here's what happened. Someone called in (to my company) with a question, we'll call him John*. The person John talked to got his information and assured him that we would handle things. John called back a few hours later having realized he forgot something. He talked to a different person who could not find record of his prior call, but took his information and assured him we would take care of everything. Understandably concerned that there appeared to be no record of his call, he called his boss. Who called us. We researched. We discovered that the first person wrote his name down as John, the second as Jon, so the records didn't match up but in both cases they had all his info and things were being taken care of. Notes were put in the call tracking system to sync up the two records, changes were made to Jo(h)n's account, all was well.
The project manager relayed this back and asked me to check that the loop was closed. As I was composing my reply, the system person chimed in that he couldn't find anyone in the system named John or Jon. I replied that yes, things were taken care of and if the systems person wanted to triple check - here is the case number where he said he had updated the account.
He replied that he still couldn't find anyone by that name. And then the client replied that hey, they didn't have anyone named Jon who worked for them anyway. So, why do we care if this person's change has been made?

*In order not to violate any confidentiality I am using fake names for this story, but trust me it really is as loony as it sounds. Or I am having one really strange dream.