Monday, February 12, 2007

I Was a Crazy Fan

A fellow wench sent out a link to a Volunteer Match request for crazy fans. I emailed the contact at Studio Theatre stating I felt I had the skill set to be a crazy fan.
Studio Theatre was having their Gala, and the theme was 1940's Oscar Glam. Attendees were encouraged to dress up, and go forties if they were so inclined. A red carpet was laid down in front of the entrance. They had headsets so that attendees could be announced over the loudspeaker. So, they needed crazed fans to create the true Oscar experience.
It was cold, so we reasoned that screaming and jumping up and down would keep us warm. People arrived - they saw the crowd and didn't quite get it. There was one person in our crew who had brought paper and a pen and she started running up to people asking for autographs. People had cameras. Another member of the crew kept asking people who they were wearing (no one seemed to answer that one). The early birds primarily seemed to view us as potentially delusional. One person asked how much we were being paid. I told her we were there because we loved her.
As more people arrived and arrived along with others, they started to get into it. People waved back. Some people signed autographs. We were appropriately crazed in response. ("Oh my God - she waved at me! Did you see?") There were still a few who walked quickly along the carpet and tried not to make eye contact. But there were also a few who came back out and walked it again. (Seriously.)
After two hours my hands and feet were numb. But it was a lot a fun. And I went to a birthday celebration just up the way for a friend and ate (in the warm). And let my toes tingle. And then I went dancing. I was exhausted but in a good way.