Monday, February 12, 2007

Things People Should Know: The Grammy Edition

I'm hoping the camera just panned too fast, so I won't name names. I know people have very strong feelings about the Dixie Chicks. (Although I find it fascinating that certain people make anti-semitic remarks and we should support them, their movies go to number one, there is no talk of not showing their movies. Make one off-hand remark about a politician, and people will refuse to play your music on the radio.) Certainly, I don't personally agree with every winner last night. But I know that if you are there, you applaud the winner. The event is televised. Applauding doesn't mean you like them or support them or are best buddies with them, applause is simply basic politeness. You can go home and throw things - or if you feel unable to clap for a few seconds, you can choose to not attend the event. But really, crossing your arms and refusing to applaud does not make a statement. It just makes you childish. Even if the people who won are up there being a bit childish, clap. It won't kill you. And it will give you a leg to stand on should you later wish to discuss appropriate public behavior.