Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No Sleep Tonight

Have I mentioned that I'm tired? I am tired because I am going stuck in one of the DMV circles of hell. (And hey, I only believe in hell on earth. Really, we punish people better here than any place I can think of.) And I had a youth group retreat, so lack of sleep there, plus the sleep I had was on a mattress on the floor. And then the aforementioned DMV crisis means I am currently metro-ing to work. And people, in clear violation of city ordinances still have not cleared their sidewalks, causing me to take my life into my hands as I walk to and from the bus stop. Come on people, there is an abandoned building that has a clear sidewalk, so you people in your houses and grocery stores and car repair places have no excuse. None. It has been a week!
And then last night, the fire alarm in my apartment building malfunctioned. Again. The alarm has gone off approximately once a month since I have been there. (This doesn't count the number of times I have arrived in time to see a fire engine pulling away.) Usually it gets turned off pretty quickly. I know this is the joy of sharing your space with so many people (one of the many reasons I prefer cottage style apartments). Twice before it had gone off for long enough that people had started to gather stuff and head down the stairs before it was turned off.
This time it went off but it sounded strange. Instead of a steady pulse throughout the floor it would ding a little one one side, then on the other end, and then stop and then start the cycle. Someone went down to check. And then it strted up with a steady sound. So people gathered up their kids, I stuffed my cat in her carrier and we all tromped down the stairs. I live on the ninth floor. About the sixth, we started seeing people heading back up. They had been told it was a false alarm. Shortly the alarm stopped. And so we turned around and headed back up. Have I mentioned at this point it was midnight?*
I got back to my apartment and released my cat. And then I heard it again, but this time it stopped immediately. So, I read for a while, reasoning that I would rather have to gather my stuff (again) already awake, than just after having fallen asleep. So, here I am. Still tired.

*Yes, it could be worse. It could have happened during "Veronica Mars".