Monday, February 05, 2007

Dear Folks #6

Dear Person(s) Who Broke Into My Car,
I hope it was worth it. I would have at least understood if you had taken the sleeping bag since the last few days have been below freezing. However, the fact that you rifled through the various CDs, shoes, took the owner's guides out of their folder, and removed all the trash I had stored in a side pocket and leaving it strewn about the car, indicates to me that you had hoped for more. Perhaps unwilling to declare my junk a total loss, I see you took the Ikea bag and the air mattress, but left me the pillows. I do appreciate this. The Ikea bag, while extremely useful, cost a dollar, so this is the excuse I had been looking for since I understand they now have some in other sizes. (Although I will have to wait for my bank account to recover to fully explore this.) You also took my air mattress, and while it is/was a very cool air mattress it also had a slow leak. Sure, I could have patched it, but that would have required me to figure out where it was and yeah. So, I am viewing this a little as the universe trying to send me shopping. Although, if, in the future, you and the universe could understand that a repair to my window severely impedes my ability to go shopping, I would appreciate it. I am tempted to make a list of items that are in my car and post it on my window so that any future criminal entrepreneurs can make an informed decision. Although, I'm not sure they would believe me. My mother's co-worker used to leave her glove compartment open to demonstrate it's emptiness, and people still broke into her car. Ah well, it could be worse.
Still Really Cold Car Owner