Friday, February 09, 2007

Ode to 16th Street

The title is really a misnomer, but it sounds pretty. 16th Street is a very utilitarian sounding name, but it is a very cool street. First, 16th Street (and this is in Northwest DC that we are talking here) runs from Silver Spring to the White House. (Seriously, it ends when it smacks into the White House grounds.) So 16th Street gets you to a lot of places, and gets you through the city fairly efficiently - at least in a north/south direction.
Also, you can see the Washington Monument. For whatever reason, it is more noticeable at night, but that may be because my travels have me going south more often at night, but it peeks over as you get south of the Carter Barron. 16th Street also gets you to the Carter Barron a very cool park complex with sports and theater and music events.
For whatever reason 16th Street has a huge number of churches*. Back when they still did the Goodwill Embassy tour, a guide told us that 16th Street has more churches than any other street in DC. An informal survey that my friends and I did one evening, found about thirty five. And that was without counting the several that I know of that are just a block east or west.

*Okay I checked Wikipedia and 16th Street has a number of embassies, and used to have more. The churches followed the embassies. Hmmm.