Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Telecommuting - the Pros and Cons

As a follow-up to boundaries (from last week) I started a mental checklist about telecommuting I thought I would share. Some of the pros and cons have some overlap and of course there is no way to make a list that encompasses everyone's unique situations, but it's a start.
1. Pro - No commute (assuming you are telecommuting from home. You could, of course, be at Starbucks or Panera or a Camden Yards, in which case you hopefully commute less.)
2. Con - You are surrounded by those bills, laundry, and possibly fellow home-dwellers. No escape.
3. Pro - No dress code.
4. Con - No co-workers to chat with in person. (Of course, if you don't like your co-workers.)
5. Pro - You could shower in the middle of the day, or run a load of laundry between conference calls.
6. Con - Small things - pets, children, making noise on conference calls.
7. Pro - You can work to the lovely strains of "Oprah" or your music - as load as you want.
8. Con - It can be harder to bug people remotely.
9. Pro - It is easier to arrange your schedule around other commitments. And make up time.
10. Con - It can be harder to tell when it is time to "leave" work.
11. Pro - Couch.
12. Con - It can be harder to collaborate remotely.
13. Pro - A fridge full of goodies. You could even cook food.
14. Con - No office supplies.