Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three Thankful Things

1. I am thankful for those who struggle to make this world a better place.  Who get up each day and work hard to change the world, even when it seems that change may not come this year, this decade, or this lifetime.
2. I am thankful for those who work with children, having them, raising them, teaching them, protecting them, and giving them the space and opportunity to shape the world.
3. I am thankful for those who provide entertainment - books, music, and all other media, so that all of us who need a break, an escape, a laugh, a cry, or encouragement can seek and find it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

RIP, Mr. Barry

Marion Barry was the mayor of DC for much of my life. One of the things that's always interesting with any figure both public and not (certainly I have played this game with relatives) is finding the balance in appreciating all the good that they did, and not seeming to ignore the problems.  On balance his struggles with substance abuse end up mattering very little to me, although I am sorry for the ongoing struggles his family has had with that.  The issues of misuse of power and how those often intertwined with attempts to use that power to lure or reward his various mistresses trouble me.  I certainly lived in an area that often got plowed last, since my neighbors often voted for Barry's opponents.  But his work with the SNCC, the summer youth jobs program (I knew a few people who got jobs through that program), and let's face it - does anyone outside of DC much remember it's other six mayors?  (Soon to be seven, yes.) So, the best I have come up with is it's complicated.  He did good, he did bad, but ultimately I think DC benefited from his work, and that seems the thing to remember as is family and loved ones work through this loss.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Three Interesting Things

1. This letter from a performer asked if she wanted to participate in a local stop of a national tour for, um, free brought up some interesting things.
2. Pamela Ribon had some thoughts about the Barbie computer engineer book.  (And if you can't tell from that link title, strong language ahead in that link.)  But a female engineer has refactored the book and made it better.
3. Alan Sepinwall had some thoughts about "Serial" and it's shared roots with "Homicide" and "The Wire" from the city they share and the open ended look at crime.

Monday, November 17, 2014

If we all spoke like press conferencing QBs

Quarterbacks present and former often talk about the balance, that quarterbacks receive a disproportionate amount of attention, and since on winning days that often means accolades, since on paycheck days that means money, that therefore means it's fair (and very politic since you want those nice people in front of you to keep those opposing team members away) to also take a lot of blame when things go wrong, and to share a lot of credit when things go well. 
One of my favorite moments in "Bull Durham" is the five things you will need to handle every press conference ever lesson.  But, I was watching a post-game interview and wondered, what if we all adopted this philosophy.  What if, when things went well at work, we were all quick to spread the kudos around to our supporting team members?  What if, when things went badly we accepted blame and promised to work on working better with our team in the future?  I know, it would never happen.  But, it would be awesome if it did. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Interesting Things: The Color Edition

1. I usually only post links to things I agree with, but in this case this article basically shows that color perception thinking is lining up with ideas I've had for a while in regards to context and how color learning is trial and error (and you can still get adults who will throwdown over aqua versus turquoise).
2. And let's continue the color theme with this look at how color coded our lives and language are. 
3. And to finish out, this guide purports to explain the right color for every room by explaining it's color psychology.