Monday, February 26, 2007

I Would Like to Thank

I would like to thank God and my parents, because without them I wouldn't be here today. Oh right, well, anyway, the Oscars were last night and they ran long (although not as long as the night my friends and I were betting with candy and we all bet on what time they would and ten minutes past the latest guess, we all had to pick new times). But overall I enjoyed them. Yes, there were too many tributes, but I was happy to see the return of the fashion show prior to best costume and enjoyed the script readings before best screenplays. And the music. I adore Melissa Etheridge and don't in any way mean to take away from the excitement of her song, but when the Oscar voters demonstrated a serious lack of attention to music this year leading to three songs from "Dreamgirls" being nominated, well, it almost assured a "Dreamgirls" loss. Ah well.
There were no choices that made me want to spit, no terribly long speeches (although quite a few really dull ones). And Ellen rocked. If they could alternate Ellen, John Stewart and maybe Whoopi and Chris Rock I think it would be great. Although I don't recall hating any hosts in recent years.
Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson! It is an amazing thing to be in your very first movie and get nominated for an Academy Award and then win! Here's hoping it's just the beginning.