Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things People Should Know #14

I graduated college and moved back home. And got a job. And yes, I lived with my parents for a couple years after college, in part because I had entry-level jobs, one where I was paid monthly and not always on time. But once I got a job with a company that actually does payroll so I had a regular pay check, I found a place to live and moved out. (I did move back in a few years later, after my father died at my mother's request.) So, I get that some of us need/crave/enjoy a little cushion before heading fully out into the world. My sister in contrast was out, and even off to a different state within about two months of graduation.
But here's the thing, while there are differences between being a high schooler living at home and being a graduate or other-wised non-schooling person living at home, one things is still true: your parents still get to make some of the rules.
For example, a woman in Louisiana told her son he needed to get a job if he wanted to continue living at home (he is 31). It appears, that his response was to set the couch on fire while she was next door. This led to the house burning completely down. So, now he really needs a job because I feel fairly certain his mom is really kicking him out now. Or she would be, if she had a place to kick him out of.
Thanks to Red Orbit for the story.