Monday, January 29, 2007

If We Promise Not to Get Any Ideas

DC might get a quarter. What astounds me is not that they are considering giving DC and the territories quarters - although, very cool - is that first, it apparently takes an act of Congress. Clearly I am not up on my governmental structure because I had no idea the mint or treasury needed Congressional approval to put stuff on quarters. Stuff that's in the US. And the second thing that astounded me is that apparently this bill has been proposed before and failed to pass. Why? Are people afraid we might get ideas? Might consider ourselves in geographic areas that are actually part of the United States? We might think if there's a pretty quarter celebrating where I live that I should also have rights? I mean, I do think i should have rights, but really, it was never tied to the quarter. Promise. Just give us the freaking quarter. It will go nicely with the pretend voting rights.