Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Day Late and All That

Note: Contains reference to racist sports team names. 

So, football. This was a good weekend for NFL fans (well, some of us more than others clearly). No, I not bitter that the Redskins were the only NFC East team not to get themselves into the playoffs. Of course the fact that only the Eagles remain helps with that.
And, oh my, that Seattle - Dallas game rocked. There was the thing, and then the other thing, and then there was like no time left and Dallas was going for a field goal and the QB bobbled the snap and oh - my - God!
I had expected, as I imagine many did, that the Indy - KC game would be the one to watch, possibly even the best of the playoffs and no. It was a game of mediocrity and jitters. It was a weird thing for me, I didn't care (too much, although I adore Tony Dungy) who won which is usually a problem for me (and the very reason I didn't even turn on the battle of the New's - Pats and Jets) because if you can't route for something it's just, you know, athleticism, and really I needed this game to streamline who I might be routing for for the playoffs. (Clearly it wouldn't be anyone from the NFC East.) Of course the best and worst would be if it ends up Indy and Seattle since I want great things for both teams. And the other best and worst would be Pats and Eagles because I dislike both teams, although I do thing McNabb deserves great things, but he won't get to play so, that wouldn't really make me (or, one imagines, him) happy. And I'm still horrified that Runyan got away with murder with that ridiculous late hit (and I hope he gets fined when they review the tapes on that).