Wednesday, January 03, 2007

For 2007

I know that goals, resolutions and such are supposed to be SMART. But I find, often when I do that, especially goals that are up to me and have no immediate effect on someone else, I end up not quite hitting the mark. And often I get mad at myself and yet still don't fix it. So for the big goals, I lean more towards picking a direction that I want to aim myself, and then figuring if I work towards that somehow, some way, than that's good. If I say I will lose fifteen pounds, I might get mad it myself if I don't do that, but if I say I will try to think more about being healthy then there are a lot of ways that I could work towards that, and some of them would have the end result of me losing weight.So my directions for 2007 include*:
Think more about being healthy
Participate in NaNoWriMo again**
Go somewhere new
Be more aware - of my surroundings, of other people, of myself

*I always like to leave room for other ones that will come up.
**Okay, that one is SMART - but it has a support system and anyway I said participate, not win.