Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Good to Be Single (Sometimes)*

The universe has granted me several signs in the last few days that being single can be preferable, or at least advantageous. State law in several areas, including Maryland and DC has been adjusted so that separate state W4's are now required. Of course the emails we received from our centralized HR were a bit confusing, so several people in our office did not understand that this meant they needed to fill out a state W4 or be taxed on the next paycheck as single. And the deadline for having that submitted is tomorrow. Except that somebody made some "updates" to some of our servers which resulted in our entire office being unable to print. I get taxed as single anyway, so while I probably should submit a form, I am in no rush. (Printing would be really nice though.)
Also, I have friends who are in the midst of some difficult dealings with spouses, blame being cast for having an illness and the like and while I know we all have weak moments, there are days when I am quite happy to not have that on my plate.

*In my haste I originally typed the headline as "It's Good to Be Singe" which is a whole other twist.