Thursday, January 04, 2007

Statues and Naming

I have nothing against Reagan. Promise. But I think there should be some parity in representation, naming, and statuing. Because let's face it, even if - as one person I know does - you feel Reagan was the greatest president ever - does his name get slapped on everything we can find? Or might we be willing to allow that other great people have, do, and will exist and maybe we should leave some space for other people to be honored. Because a multi-purpose building on Pennsylvania Avenue was really more than most people get so I kinda thought that was enough. (Remember when the requisite number of years have passed, you can be sure people will be clamoring for the Reagan memorial. So, even though we won't see it for a while, I am counting that.)
And then there was the airport, which besides being a hugely ironic choice, and being an airport that had really already been named after a president (Washington) if in a de facto way, was a huge headache since the very people who insisted on remaning it then wanted all the local folks to bear the cost of the name change (higher since it's a metro stop also).
But okay fine, so we have a building and an airport and likely a memorial. And this is just the DC stuff too. But now, they are changing the statue in the Capitol. As you may be aware each state gets two statues to showcase prominent people from their state. Now of course I compeletely believe that this decision is solely up to the people in California, not me. And I am biased, because the gentleman they are proposing to replace was prominent UU Thomas Starr King. There is an interesting article comparing Reagan and Starr King. Clearly these are snapshot views, and of course changing out the statue doesn't make Starr King less of a cool person, and ceratinly Reagan is a very well known Californian. But, enough already.

*Random fact - Kamehameha I is the only statue who is considered not fully clothed. For while this meant he was placed behind a column so as not to offend visitors delicate sensibilities.

Thanks to Radical Hapa for the link.