Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blue Ribbon Scrap Wrap Knitalong

Another Knitalong. I went to the local yarn store (LYS) Saturday and got my yarn for this. This pattern was crafted by Cafe Mama who won a blue ribbon for it. I went out and purchased the called for Noro Silk Garden (purples and greens) and alpaca yarn. The pattern suggested Blue Sky or Frog Tree which my LYS's either don't carry or just discontinued, so I ended up with Debbie Bliss. I have already made good progess with this which is good since Cafe Mama would like us done by MLK weekend. I am enjoying the pattern immensely, and it is my first cabling experience which has been going well. I did cross on cable the wrong way, but thanks to my recollections of Yarn Harlot's cable fixing tutorial I think that has been fixed.
My bigger oops was that I remembered the row I supposed to change yarn incorrectly, so I have much more of the accent yarn than I should.
It is sort of wierd, the purples and greens look really neat together but I keep remombering that I spent much of childhood convinced that purple and green did not match (and they don't always) and even though I am older and wiser, and realize that there are all sorts of greens and purples that look great together and I like how this is turning out I keep getting stuck on that. I'm sure once I'm done I'll be over that.