Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life Imitates "Veronica Mars"

Meg Cabot has talked about the phonomenon of creating a great story and then having it happen to someone. And certainly, this example is small enough that it probably happens more often than we know.
Veronica Mars, Season Two, "Happy Go Lucky"
Beaver discovers someone has keyed "Amber is a bitch" into his car. Problem is, he doesn't know who Amber is. Veronica's response, "How's Amber gonna know she's a bitch?"

Real life, Bay City, MI
Two teenagers had a "lover's quarrel" at a party, leading to the female leaving the party. The male wanted to talk and get a goodnight kiss, so he pulled up behind her car, called her on her cell, and told her she should pull over. She responded that she was stopped. So, he rammed the car repeatedly. The driver of the car, not the rammer's girlfriend as it turns out, called 911. No word on if he ever got the goodnight kiss.