Monday, January 15, 2007

Completed Scrap Wrap!

I finished the scrap wrap Sunday, and just have to attach the button to it today (all necessary tools are in my purse). The weather has nicely cooperated, we are expecting a balmy 69 today, just perfect for a wrap. I just adore this wrap. I wasn't convinced I was a wrap person, but I really love this. The pattern (despite my missteps) was very readable especially when one considers I had never cabled before. While I ended up frogging my first try, that was a combination of my misreading where I should change yarns, and feeling that the green alpaca I had originally chosen made the Noro look too contrasty. It's still stripey, but the purple is more subtle. And for my picky skin, the Debbie Bliss alpaca silk works wonderfully with the Noro to create a softer texture.
Pattern: Sarah Gilbert's Blue Ribbon Scrap Wrap
Classic Elite La Gran - Green - "Scrap" yarn - partial skein
Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk - Wine - 1 skein
Noro Silk Garden - 224 - 2 Skeins
Needles: Denise 10.5's with the 40" cord.

For some reason the picture does not want to rotate, even though it was not sideways when photographed. I apologize for any neck cricking caused. It has also been uploaded to flickr where it is oriented correctly.