Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weekend Reading

So this weekend, since I was supposed to be writing (cough, cough) I knit and read a lot. So, in order of reading here we go. I apologize because the theme for this weekend appears to have been series.

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella
I have read the prior novels and have fallen a bit behind since the next is already out. I enjoyed this a lot, I am finding myself a bit over the cringeworthy moments. I recognize that there is no change in the writing and the character has stayed wonderfully vibrant, but as much as I disliked her husband pointing out the very foible that made her so different in the first place, a tiny part of me agreed. I finished the story happy, and I am planning to pick up the next in the series. But, if Becky was getting on your nerves a bit after the first few, then this will not improve your feelings of her. If you have not read any of the Shopaholic, I would recommend starting with the first one.
Grade: B

Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts
Vampires - in print - kind of freak me out, but this series is pretty low on the ick scale for me. This is the final of the trilogy and the one I had been looking forward to, since it involved the couple who clearly were going to have the most issues admitting their feelings for each other (I'm twisted like that). It did not disappoint. Again, I would recommend starting at the - well, start - for this trilogy. While the world building is fairly well established here some of the events from the first two books are referenced briefly, but it will be better if you get all of it in order. It has something for everyone - good girl talk, good sex, good battles and maybe even a moment or two that might require kleenex.
Grade: A

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan
This is the fourth in Feehan's game series - about groups of people - females and soldiers who's innate psychic and extra-normal abilities were enhanced. While it is a series - the arcing storyline as they try to discover who is trying to kill them all off (or in this case kidnap them) is moving slow enough that I think you could start with this or any of the other three. (I actually started with Mind Game and then went back and read Shadow Game.) I started this fairly late Sunday and finished it easily by lunch Monday to give you an idea of how gripping I found it. A friend who I had lent one of them found the extra-normal abilities a bit too much to take, particularly since in most of the books the opening scene is one of them escaping something by jumping and pushing and generally showing off all of their abilities. If that will be bothersome for you, then this is not the right book for you. But I love the series.
Grade: A