Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ten Reasons I Love "Veronica Mars"

I honor of an awesome episode last night and because I missed blogging about Thanksgiving - let's just roll it all together here. One of the many things I am thankful for is "Veronica Mars". And since it's list season, here we go:
  • "Real Genius" shoutout. Seriously - my sister, her friend and I were all camp counselors together one summer and we watched that movie obsessivley (not at the camp). And then we spent the rest of out waking hours reciting bits to each other. "It's a penis stretcher." "This, this is ice. This is what happens to water when it gets too cold." So any show that incorporates a "Real Genius" shoutout (on top of the previously done TWoP and Couch Baron shoutouts) gets my love. If it didn't already have it.
  • Veronica will taser you. Which rocks. This show gets compared to "Buffy" a lot and while I get it - high school girl who kicks ass, I think its a very superficial comparison. If they were talking about great shows with intelligent plotlines, I could see it. Buffy had supernatural powers. Veronica is just like the rest of us - except she has a taser.
  • Layers like an onion. The show has layers - which is not to say some shows that are single-layered aren't great too. But layers rock.
  • The show does not assume you are stupid. I can't stand it when a show batters me over the head with something, in the assumption that the trail of breadcrumbs spelling "this is a clue" was not enough for me. (Really it was).
  • This probably ties into layers - but better with multiple viewings. Some shows lose their sheen after a few viewings. Not this one.
  • Great cast. Seriously - they are amazing. And not hard to look at either.
  • Great storylines. Fluffy for "Veronica Mars" is someone stole all my possessions.
  • You'll laugh; You'll cry. The whole gamut.
  • Even when they are predictable, it's not predictable.
  • What else are you doing? (Okay you might be watching "House" - but use a recording device. It's worth it. Come on, you know there are whole nights when television sucks, save one for then.)