Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm so far behind

I've had some travel near and less near - for work and not quite work (aka volunteer stuff) and as a result I am so far behind. I am behind on unpacking, I am behind on laundry, I am behind on cleaning, and I am behind on reading blogs and recaps and other internetty stuff. Which is why I am just now getting around to reading Pamie's great news!

I found Pamie (because I am always the last to know stuff) through Television Without Pity. I loved the blog, and started reading around the time Why Girls Are Weird was released so read and enjoyed that. So, I have read Why Moms Are Weird. I keep meaning to share my thoughts about it but just haven't been ably to fully capture what i like about it. One review I read said that it sets things up so that you think you know where it's going and then it goes slightly to the left. For me I think Pamie (or Ribon since we are trying to talk professionally about an author here) captures family so well. How they know you and yet don't know you. How they use that information against you sometimes. How we all have those moments where we think our life is secretly some movie - such as thinking that the songs playing in the grocery store are sending a message just for us. It's those great little bits that make the story of Bennie, a recently slimmer woman who goes home to help her mother after her mother has an accident, a great read.

So, I am excited at the prospect that six steps (six years) from now it might be a sitcom. I think it is a great concept that could grow into a great family sitcom. But, just in case you haven't already, go read the book. If it turns out to be a sitcom - you'll be ready. And if it doesn't, you won't have missed out.