Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Weekends of Reading

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

This book took a bit for me to get going, possibly because I was reading it while commuting, little snippets at a time. And because of NaNoWriMo. But once I got into it, it was excellent. The story takes place in the 1800's in China, and it is a story about women. The women get married and have children, but the story is about them, and about the secret language they used to communicate with each other. My only complaint is that the story - which is being told after the fact by the main character - starts when the main character is three. Her memories are very vivid for something that happened many years ago and that bugged me a bit until I decided she may just think her memories are very clear and really we can just move on. I enjoy historicals but I am very wary, having read so many bad ones. This one is very well done.

Grade: A-

We Thought You Would Be Prettier by Laurie Notaro

Yes, I am an addict. Again - I loved it. Uncontrollable giggling such that I had to exercise caution as to where I read it. Notaro has a great story-telling sense.

Grade: A

Born in Death by JD Robb

I love this series in part for the great mysteries - I was very proud of myself for figuring out part of it. But I also love, the ever expanding group that surrounds Eve, the heroine. And part of what I like out this, much as with Robert B. Parker's Spencer series, is the relationship between Eve and Roarke. This case causes a little snag, and it was great to watch how they worked through that and how they are growing into each other, if that makes sense.

Grade: A

Santa Baby by Jennifer Cruise, Lori Foster and Carly Phillips

I have read stuff by each of the authors before, and I would say that these three stories, two of which have previously been published (the Crusie is new) are typical for each author.

Jennifer Cruise's story about the heroine's search for a toy for her nephew on Christmas Eve was fast-paced and full of strong and vulnerable characters. A great read.

Lori Foster's story about a woman taking action on the crush she's had on her dad's company's number two, who is now her employee since her dad passed away recently is sexy. I found myself irritated by little details - the heroine is wearing a robe so think the hero doesn't realize that she has underwear on, but then he can see her nipples through the fabric. [spoiler]The story was sexy, and of course they end up engaged after a fabulous night in bed. Yes, they had known each other for several years, but I'm wondering if it took them that long to kiss, would they really just go okay, the sex was good let's get married. Maybe.[/spoiler]

Carly Phillips' story about a woman also with a crush on a co-worker. However in this story she accidentally kisses his twin and discovers that may be better. There was just too much mushy - meeting of the souls and seeing inside each other and total understanding as if to make it okay that since it's a short story they are going to have sex the night they meet. Oh and the hero has time to mend serious fences with his brother too. It was a very busy twenty four hours.

Grade: B-