Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Knitting Update

Sorry - no pictures here. Woolwinders had a Halloween sale on purchases of orange or black yarn - variegateds included. So, I picked up a skein of Noro in blacks and greys to go with the yarn I got from my birthday swap buddy. And I got some gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay variegated - Woodland -which has oranges and reds and greens and browns.
So in the FO pile I have a number of square things - one a ball band, others Chinese waves. One of them will become the Granny Purl square, the others will start life as dishcloths. As soon as I have that sorted, there will be pictures.
On the needles I have:
Another square - in the TLC Cotton I used in the Amazing Lace.
The Diamond something or other scarf from the current Interweave scarf supplement. I keep screwing up the relatively simple pattern and yet I have this mental block about ripping it - so we'll see. That's in an orange cashmere blend. I have misplaced the label so may have to go back to Knit Happens to figure that out. (Just for that reason, no other reasons at all.)
A basic scarf in Lornas Laces sock yarn. (I don't wear socks but I see no reason to deprive myself of pretty yarn).
I have knit a made up as I go log cabin-y, modular scarf to show of the gorgeous Noro yarn that I got from my birthday swap buddy. There's a couple places where the edges are a bit wonky, so I have the black yarn as possible use for a border of sorts. I'm still debating.
A sweater of sorts from the Manos Del Uruguay. I had the brilliant idea to knit a vest and if there was yarn left over try the double knitting technique to make sleeves of whatever length the yarn allowed. The snag is I've never done double knitting before. So it may end up a vest with a matching hat. We shall see.
Those are the things I am actively working on. I promise I really will have pictures soon. ish.