Friday, November 03, 2006

Top Chef - Ep 3 Rant

Hi! So since my Tivo works overtime on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, it took me until last night to catch up on the "Top Chef" episode. First, my disclaimer. I do not have the experience to be on "Top Chef". At this point, I would be seriously afraid of going on any reality show because I know I can be an obnoxious bitch, and while that is simply a part of who I am, in a scenario where all your outrageous behavior stands a better chance of being aired, I recognize that that is who I could become. I also get that some people go into these competitions deciding exaggerate aspects of their personality - the good ole boy, the bitch, the jerk, the sweetie pie. And there are some people, like Top Chef's Michael who say they are aiming for the middle so no one will perceive them as a threat. (I mean this with love, but, I don't think you are in any danger of being perceived as a threat.)
I also recognize that to increase the drama, often they save crucial pieces of the challenge to reveal later. And that - had you had that information you might have made a different choice. This week's quickfire challenge was not one of those. The contestants (cheftestants, per TWoP) were told that they were making ice cream that would be judged by the public - out on the street. So while you want to be innovative, you had to pick something that had - to borrow a term - curbside appeal. Something - say - not avocado and bacon ice cream, Marcel.
Now of course part if the fun of a "street" challenge is the immediacy of the feedback (of course in all of these challenges they get fairly immediate feedback, but usually from more judge-y people which is I'm sure better and worse that kids and their parents.) And the challenge, for lack of a better word, is to learn to accept criticism and yet still stand by your food. And to remember you are on TV. So, you don't get any points for waiting until your interview later to say that the person who thought your ice cream wasn't sweet enough didn't need more sugar because she had a fat ass and four teeth. So, I wasn't sorry to see you go, Emily.