Thursday, November 30, 2006

Found Dead

In my latter two years of college I had six roommates. After one of those found dead after two weeks stories, we had a discussion about how long it would take for us to notice if one of us passed away. Since four of the people had shared rooms the determination was that it the time would be pretty quick for them. For the other three it might be a bit longer, possibly even a day or two - assuming of course we passed away in our room rather than in a common area. (Had anyone expired in one of the two bathrooms, I figure there was about two hours before someone would have broken down the door.)

So this story saddens me because this woman, who lived with relatives, was not found for two weeks . And it was not that her relatives were away or somehow failed to notice her absence, they had in fact spent that time trying to find her. I find it also very sad that she died smothered by her own bookcase, while trying to adjust a plug. It is so mundane. My thoughts are with her family.