Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weekend Reading #2

This batch are all parts of series too, but the first two are the first installments at least.

Black Ice by Anne Stuart
This was the one that inspired the bad sex entry. Since the issue was never fully discussed in my opinion, I came to the conclusion that if I could understand and even forgive what Joe did to Eve (which I won't spoil) in the Iris Johansen series, then whatever I was bothered about something the characters had moved on from. There was a cringe-worthy, "I know you're a good guy deep down inside" moment, but other than that the story was really good. I will probably pick up the next one, I'm just not in a hurry.
Grade: B-

All American Girl by Meg Cabot
What? It was good! This story takes place in DC, and unlike so many others didn't have me completely pissed off at the stupid really easy to fix errors. (Cabot gets bonus points for referring to them as metro PD, instead of DCPD the way so many others do.) It's the story of a teenage girl who ditches her art class and ends up saving the President. One of my favorite bits was where she was asked at the press conference what was running through her head when the guy pulled the gun out from underhis coat and she doesn't know what to answer because her first thought had been, oh he's pulling out a gun. Phew.
Grade: B+

I Love Everybody and Other Atrocious Lies by Laurie Notaro
I enjoy funny stuff but I don't tend to find a lot of stuff that gets me laughing out loud. Not even TWoP sometimes. Smiling yes, enjoying, yes, laughing - not often. But I laughed aloud and often witht this book, such that reading it in public was dangerous. These are vignettes from Laurie's life, it is her thrid book - so technically you could argue I have started in the wrong place, but I don't care. I will be getting all the rest (the next is already in my posession). Worth it for the line: a woman who cannot control her tampons should not have children.
Grade: A