Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Season Passes - Update

I know I keep comparing everything to dating, and I'm going to do it again. We've got some takers on this list. And - yet the networks are the ones making me have to finally break it off. (Although some of them I can apparently still hook up with over the internet.)
Veronica Mars: To crib from Sara M, when I say this season isn't as completely rocking as the first or even parts of the second that it not to say that the show doesn't totally rock - because it does. But, if we grade on a curve this season so far would be a B comparatively. And part of that is that I, mildly obsessive fan, am catching continuity issues. And if I can catch them, continuing on this road it's only a matter of time before the non-obsessive fans start to notice. (The rabidly obsessive fans have already congregated in a bitterness thread.)
House: Back from baseball hiatus, and here's the thing. Every year - right around this time - they introduce an arcing storyline and while I love this show, their arcing storylines tend to..suck. This one is no exception. The rest of the show is still excellent.
The Office: I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch one of the episodes while I was actually in Stamford. (Yes, I am a dork.) This is one of those shows where the comedy circles rather than grabs. But it's worth it.
How I Met Your Mother: Always worth it. And they do such a great job of lulling you into thinking, TV vet that you are, that you know where it's going, and then they'll tweak it one bit that has you going, Oh! Awesome. Swarley!
Gilmore Girls: This is totally one of those things where I am hanging on to old times. There are still great moments. But there are more bits that annoy the crap out of me. But I'm still there.
Battlestar Galactica: The most beautifully crafted show about politics and religion I think I have ever seen.
Intervention: Addictive. (Yeah, I know - that was bad.)
Grey's Anatomy: Popcorn.
The Amazing Race: Enjoy the changes to the format this year. But we have now reached the point where I in some way dislike all of the remaining teams, which is affecting my enjoyment a bit.
Friday Night Lights: This shows continues with the greatness.
The Nine: Still intrigued. It's not unfolding at a totally glacial pace, but I am left wondering how much I care. Apparently I'm not the only one, sine they are not ordering any new episodes. And I'm a little sad about that.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I feel a sense of deja vu when I watch this show. Some episodes a good enough that I get over it, others, not so much.
Runaway: Deleted. Gone. Cancelled.
Heroes: A bit like a soap where I only like some of the stories - so I wait through them for the people I care about. And I get it that she's the cheerleader, but her hair gets more beauty queen every freaking episode. Is that part of her powers? But every week they do something that has me gasping.
Ugly Betty: I finally gave in to the camp, and I'm liking it better. especially since they've juggled up some new plotlines.
Standoff: Enjoying it.
Brothers & Sisters: I really think I keep watching this because with Grey's moving I have nothing else to do. Well, okay I could watch "Intervention" but that's on repeats right now. There are great moments, but so much of it is a yawn.
30 Rock - Every episode is the same. Jack does something. They all try to deal with it. Deleted.
The Game - Very cute. My second football show - although this is a comedy and is very different from FNL.
Top Chef - God, this show makes me hungry.
Day Break - I love Taye Diggs (although I still never watched Kevin Hill). And the show has done some things that intrigue me. Hopefully soon he will better understand howit goes and stop telling people he figured stuff out yesterday.

Shows That Still Haven't Started:
Knights of Prosperity
My Boys

Over or On Hiatus:
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County: Ended.
Project Runway: The season has ended and I am sad.
Eureka: On hiatus now.
The 4400