Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things People Should Know #11

So, I was felling a little bad that Michael Steele lost his bid for US Senate. I'm no longer a Marylander so I did not cast a ballot for anyone in the Maryland races (even though I never got notice that I had been taken off the rolls, but I would not do that despite the appeal of voting for voting Congresspeople). And I didn't follow the race much, but was subjected to many of the ads for Maryland (and Virginia too). And Michael Steele's were nice. (If you are curious enough to watch political ads after an election, they are available on YouTube.) But then I heard this*. And really there is no reason that sending people a voter's guide that indicates you are of a different party that you actually are is okay. Especially when the guide is designed to look as if it was created by the county election board. It is also heinous when the people who distribute those misleading guides are homeless people you imported from Philadelphia to do the dirty work. (And I have to ask, are there not enough homeless people in Maryland, or were they already busy?)
Now, I'm not suggesting that this was Michael Steele's idea - or the idea of any of the other people who's party was incorrectly stated. This guide was put out by a committee and in these crazy days, I get that the candidates probably were given a summary of what it should have looked like and thought that sounded great, yada, yada. But I would hate to think that he - or any of those candidates one - due to voter confusion.

*Sorry - WaPo again, registration required.