Friday, July 06, 2007

Your Own Words

I'm a little tired of this, so I apologize if you are too. But, despite having talked about the incident before, I find myself compelled to revisit Isaiah Washington's use of words. Because, we all say things when we are mad that we don't mean. Or when we are sick, or cranky. But it doesn't negate your responsibility for what you say, and the words you use to express yourself. I almost see Washington's frustration here, he was angry because a co-worker was late and in expressing his anger over this he became the story and not the co-worker's behavior. (I am not trying to suggest that any of this behavior was intended to garner media attention.) So, here he is, unemployed while the - in his mind - badly behaving co-worker still has a job and the public's adoration. I can see why he might feel it was unfair.
But I'm not sure why he think it is better for him to have used a homophobic slur and to have aimed it at a heterosexual co-worker than a homosexual co-worker. And I have no idea why he would say that the homosexual co-worker only said he was slighted to get more money. (Dear Mr. Washington, if you are wondering why you are unemployed, I have some theories.) That is one of those things that even if it is completely true - you get nowhere by stating it in the press. And I also imagine if, for example, Knight was having a conversation with Dempsey and used a racial slur while Washington was standing right there, Washington might get the impression the racial slur was about him.
But anyway, I know it's boring but my suggestion is this: I used words that were inappropriate and I apologize to anyone who was hurt or offended. I was angry, but should have expressed myself differently. I will not do it again.

Thanks to EW for the link.