Monday, July 09, 2007

Yet Again

I know. I just finished saying that I was into slip stitch patterns and yet, I joined a knit-along for a lace stole. Yeah - that one. The Mystery Stole that everyone and their brother seems to have joined. It's Yarn Harlot's fault. (Actually, that's where I first saw the Kauni sweater too. So clearly I am under a Harlot spell.)
So, Yarn Harlot was talking about the stages of succumbing to the temptation that is the Mystery Stole.
They include:
Everyone is doing it. (Sometimes this works on me.)
It could be a present for someone else - early start on the fall present-ing.
It's one clue per week, so it is a pleasant break from other things you may be working on.
You have the yarn. I checked, it was true for me too. In fact, when I bought the Noro I also picked up circular fours, and I have been trying to figure out what to use the Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace for. It was like Fate.