Thursday, July 05, 2007

And Yarn!

I was having a yarn craving. Silly bills had kept me from buying new yarn for at least two weeks. Two weeks, people. So what if I didn't have a specific project I knew I needed yarn for. So what if I had a bunch of projects on the needles such that I have no idea where all my sevens and eights are. These are nothing. Unfortunately the spend/don't spend battle lasted late into the day (and it may have been influenced by a sleep/don't sleep battle too, followed by a veg on the couch/don't veg battle - weekends are hard work people!) So all this meant I was on the road looking anxiously at the clock trying to figure out if there was still time to get to a yarn store and which one. Problem resolved, I decided I was looking for silk. Well, this yarn store did not have silk that called to me. And I was good when called by a variegated mercerized cotton. But the Noro Kureyon, I was weak. It wasn't even the Silk Garden which has, you know, silk and could be said to fall into my predetermined category. Ah well. It's pretty. So pretty.

Noro Kureyon
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