Monday, July 02, 2007

Books: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes is by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart. I have read singular works by each of these authors, and in Crusie's case I have also read Don't Look Down her collaborative work with Bob Mayer.
First off, it is my understanding that one review referred to The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes (UMF) as an anthology. It is my theory that someone could not remember the word collaboration, since this book clearly reads as one story. Yes, there are three sisters, each with their own magical power, their own personalities, and their own love interests, but it is one story that takes place over three days.
Dee, Lizzie and Mare are the Fortune sisters. Their parents, also magical, had been the stars of a television show until a scandal hit and they ended up dead. Fearing for their safety, Dee, the eldest, had packed them up and moved them away where they lived under a fake last name, keeping their magical sides secret. Their powers are a bit rough, since they've been keeping them on the down low.
But now, their Aunt Xan has decided that if the sisters aren't going to make good use of their powers, then she will. And, as a bonus, she has put together a little true love spell so their their soul mates will head to town, hopefully giving the sisters something else to think about once she's got their powers.
The elements I associate with each of these authors are clearly present in the book - there is great wit, a ton of movie quotes (especially since Mare works at Value Video!!), and strong, sassy heroines. The three sisters and their men are great fun. They are distinct without being extreme in the way that some books with trios can be as the author(s) try too hard to demonstrate their distinctness. Oh, and did I mention the guys are hot - yeah, they are.
While in romance it is typical to find accelerated love stories, for whatever reason, I find it more believable when the supernatural is involved. I don't think the supernatural should be exempt from considering the need for safe sex, even if they are working with the help of a true love spell but, I'll get over it.
I hate to spoil some of the great moments in this book, but there is a little snag with the love spell leading to the fabulous line, "If [he] is my soul mate, I'm putting in for a a new soul."
It was a great read, taking me just over twenty four hours to complete. And it ended with me feeling a bit sad, since I had enjoyed hanging out with Dee, Lizzie and Mare.