Friday, July 13, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 - Minimal Progress

I feel like this week has been about me learning my knit limitations. Or something. Anyway, I blithely cast on for Mystery Stole 3 last week. It is a chart (and I hate charts). But, I figured, eh, I used a chart for some of the No Sheep patterns, so no big. I was trucking along, and then somewhere realized i had gotten far enough out of wack that I needed to frog.
Mystery Stole 3
So, started again. And somewhere, got lost and frogged again. So, I started using lifelines. (Yeah - I can be slow.) And I was feeling good. And I made it past the first page of the first clue, and last night realized one of my yarn overs is off one, screwing up the pattern. It is within rage of a lifeline, although I am annoyed I didn't notice it before now - so now I am going to attempt just tinking those few stitches and see what I can do. Overall, it's a really cool pattern, it just takes me a while before I translate what the chart means I should be seeing in the knitting.
Mystery Stole 3 - A little bigger