Monday, July 09, 2007

And Again.

Yep, I joined another knit-along. This one for Kauni. However, in part due to laziness and all, I am going to try it with Noro. Which I guess makes it a Not Kauni. Yes, I know, for someone who keeps saying I don't like scratchy yarn I sure use a lot of Noro with it's twiggy bits. I have thoughts of tweaking the pattern a bit - mostly because while I find the stitch pattern gorgeous, I fall asleep just thinking of doing that on the sleeves. I applaud those who can, but my love of knitting has not crossed the sleeve barrier and part of the allure of Intoxicating was that the sleeves were lacy so they would theoretically go faster and definitely be different. Or I could make a Kauni (Not Kauni) vest.
The color transitions come a little sooner in Noro. One solution would be to do it in pieces, but then they wouldn't match and I am actually intrigued by steeking, having only done it one before. So we shall see. I actually did some swatching to work out the different measurements since the Noro is also chunkier than the Kauni yarn. Last year I was on a lace kick, now it seems to be slip stitch mosaic patterns, and modular knits that are calling to me.