Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not Kauni

I decided to make my Kauni with Noro Kureyon, so I am referring to it as a Not Kauni. I am still using Ruth Sorenson's excellent pattern, although I haven't decided what will happen with the sleeves.
So, I swatched and figured out the gauge calculations. And then I cast on. Things were going along great. And then I got to the second sections of blocks. And the color changes were coming a little fast. So, I thought about it. And I decided that I need to shorten up the space between transitions, so I tinked back and came up with a small pattern adjustment, essentially shortening the spaces between the blocks. Since it is being knit in the round, the color transitions on the Kureyon still don't quite make it through the whole block, but I love my color changing blocks, so I am good with this.
By the way, since my adjustments alone are not enough crazy, I am using two colorways - I have three skeins of 95 and two of 138. While I like the way it is turning out, I can only blame yarn fumes for why I thought either of these colorways was not enough on its own.