Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 - Glacial Progress

The MST3 and I had a bit of a falling out when I had to rip back past several lifelines. We finally agreed that while the intended design is likely much prettier than the mistakes design features I have put in, that given the length of the stole, and given the fact I plan to wear it rather than hang it on the wall where people could stare endlessly and remark on it's lack of symmetry, that really, we are close enough here and forward progress is - at this point - better than no progress. And if I wanted it to look machine done, well, I wouldn't be doing this, right. (Work with me here).
I take heart. After all while there are all these annoying gifted people who's stoles turn out perfectly - they just read the yarn and hardly need to glance at their chart at all - there are froggers and slow bees and those of us who have decided to put an individual flair on the design. And I just want to finish Clue 1. So I picked it back up, repaired some of the damage and am continuing on.
There are folks coming up with strategies to deal with the long stretches of knit stitches, right now - that sounds like heaven.
This badge was created by the lovely Suzan.


Criquette said...

Greetings from a fellow frogger/slow bee. I appreciate the art of reframing the negative, so I am happily adopting your reframe and shall now think of myself as a knitter who puts a personal flair into my knitting!

KaKi said...

Oooooo!! Me too!!! I have frogged more times than I can remember!! I finally decided that I was not getting a grade on this and I do not live among knitting "gurus". My friends think I am a genius just to be able to knit. So as long as I end up with the right amount of stitches, I am fine. If I don't, well I k2tog or YO to make it right!!! So I am here with you girl!!!