Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Drinking!

I was watching "Good Morning America" this morning, and as with most news shows, it seems that many of the stories I need to know are things I already knew, or things that involve common sense. (I'm possibly not their target audience.) But anyway, this morning's alert was about garden hoses. It turns out that most water passed through a garden hose contains lead, such that most garden hoses have a warning suggesting you not drink any water from the hose and wash your hands after handling it.
As those who paid attention during the DC lead issue may recall, most water contains small amounts of lead, but certain materials can cause a reaction increasing those levels as water passes through. So the PVC and the brass fittings used on many garden hoses are increasing the lead, in some cases to dangerous levels, in the water.
It is probably safe for watering plants and the lawn, although there is a small risk for the person handling the hose. But if you are using your hose to fill pet dishes, fill pools - kiddie or otherwise, or for water games, you may want to consider getting a lead free hose.
Wisegeek has some suggestions of brands that are safe. GMA also recommended that a lot of camping hoses are safe too.