Monday, May 21, 2007

Books: Further Stories of Public Emotion

I was reading Ready or Not by Meg Cabot on the metro, and I have to tell you that I giggled - many times. Okay, giggling isn't horrible or anything, but the metro in the morning is a fairly sober place. And not being a morning person, I get this and try to respect it. But as any of you who have read Meg Cabot know, it tends to build to a funnier and funnier crescendo and it's far enough into the book that I won't tell you what happened except to say - I found it hilarious.
I finished the book up on the ride home and fortunately got most of the must giggle bits out of the way before the bus arrived. Of course, on the ride home, the bus is a noisy place - everyone on their cell phones or chatting away, so it is less noticeable.
Clearly, I enjoyed this book. It is the sequel to All-American Girl - which I had already read, although there's enough differentiation in the storyline that prequel knowledge is helpful but not required. But Meg Cabot is right - she should be banned. I mean they ban just about every other book aimed at high schoolers or with high schoolers that so much as mentions sex, so certainly, this book would qualify.
Not that I am for book banning, and I know there's been some discussion over on Cabot's site on how banning might adversely impact some readers, but I'm with Meg - it doesn't seem quite fair.
Perhaps those who enjoy book banning are unaware of the subversive (snerk) nature of this book. In which case - let's not tell.