Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Diagonal Triangle Tank

As I mentioned, I was seduced by the fumes, and overwhelmed by the need to have a Triangle Tank of my very own, despite the pattern's tongue twistiness. I found this Regal Silk yarn and cast on Sunday.

Diamond Triangle Tank
Originally uploaded by RandomRanter.

I am really enjoying how in modular knitting there are better milestones to help you feel like you are making progress. What's that I hear? Stop knitting in the round then? Um, no.
While I recognize that knitting fronts and backs separately would help give me faster milestones, I feel certain that - for me - it would lead to orphan fronts and backs lying about. And while that is little different than lonely top bits or lonely bottom bits, it works for me. And I don't like sewing and try to avoid it. Sure, people say you have better fit control with pieces, but there's nothing to say you can't dart or seam a piece knit in the round, should the need arise. (Or re-knit, but I don't like doing that either).
But back to the tank. I love knitting with this silk. The ply is just loose enough that you want to be cautious not to poke a needle through it and cause fuzzy bits (and/or split stitches). I'm using the Denise Interchangeables, so less of a worry. (And really, I poke myself enough. I do not need sharper.)
I heard tell that later there are some tricksy bits in the pattern, so I shall let you know, but so far - very good.