Monday, May 21, 2007

Tomato and other WIPs

Yeah, so I cast on for Tomato last week - it's been an at home project since it's top down so the first bit is where all the stuff happens and I didn't want to tote the book around with me. (This is another No Sheep pattern.)

Tomato in Progress
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I love the Blue Sky cotton, it is so soft and yummy. I know some people find the yarn a bit hard on their hands, and I found that the first time I used it but I have gotten better at using needles that are nicer, watching my gauge, and taking breaks - and - knock on wood - things have been good this time.
The color-work is very subtle right now - which I like. However, this is organic green, which I understand may deepen with washings, so we shall see.
No pictures, but I did restart the Diagonal Triangle Tank. I am facing my fears, because it is such a great portable project.
I am also working on a little something something with Lamb's Pride Bulky. We shall see how it goes.

Blue Wool
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