Monday, May 21, 2007


In my current metro commuting state, I have been looking at the difference in how my commute is when I drive, compared to taking public transit. For many years, I resisted using public transit because of the cost. And the amount of time. And the restrictions - it would be more difficult to run errands. And yet. I am really enjoying commuting this way. Why? Knitting and reading. I can knit and read and read and knit. Now, I make no promises that all of this won't fall by the wayside after a few code red, ninety plus degree days. But, for now, I am enjoying it.
A comparison. Morning commute.
Travel time
Car: 30-45 minutes
Metro: 45- 60 minutes
Car: About $2 (parking at work is free)
Metro: Depending on route $1.25 - $4.35
Car: 4 pages (only at stoplights)
Metro: About 75 pages
Car: None
Metro: Some
Now going home tends to take longer on both fronts. And obviously the increased money adds up. As does the increased travel time. And I recognize there is a bit of irony in choosing a commuting method that takes longer because I can read or knit more, whereas if I got home sooner, I could read or knit on my own couch. But I have determined, that now - when I drive in, I suddenly remember how frustrating other drivers are as they cut in front of me, slow down for no apparent reason and do all that other fun stuff. Which is to say, I am in a better mood upon arrival at work when I metro in. So, right now, that seems way worth it.