Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Finales

As I watched the (sniff!) last episodes of "Veronica Mars" I found the story arcs an interesting comparison to "Grey's Anatomy". In both cases, the stories cycled around to - as Shonda put it - burn everything down and get us - in many ways - back to the beginning.
In "Grey's": Meredith started off having a mother - who didn't appreciate her much to begin with - who was slowly slipping away. In other words - she had no one, except her friends/co-workers. Then she got back in touch with her dad, ended up with two sisters (although they didn't know about her for most of the season), and a fake mom in the guise of her father's wife. Of course real mom died, fake mom died, dad shoved her away. So she was back alone. Except she still has this hospital family.
In "Veronica": We first met Veronica - daughter of the former sheriff, ex-girlfriend of a rich and popular guy, dead best friend, and now outcast after people disapproved of her father's handling of said friend's murder case. She also garnered an undeserved reputation as a slut after being roofied and fed shots at a party. All alone. And then, over the seasons, she solved the friend's murder, gathered together a new (and old) band of friends, and her father was named acting sheriff. And then, a sexy video taken in her boyfriend's dorm room ended up with her as the one talked about instead of talked to and her investigation into the culprits had her bending some rules that put her father's job into jeopardy.
But next fall - we will only get to see the next chapter of one of these stories.