Monday, May 14, 2007

Got Tagged!

Michele tagged me.
Seven Random Things about me:
1. I have only lived in one state. Everywhere else I've lived was not a state.
2. I have had eleven desks in the not quite ten years I have worked for my current company. (It will be twelve this summer, since they are shutting down our office.)
3. I read constantly and I read everything. Seriously, if I am in your bathroom without reading material, I will read the back of your shampoo bottle. I was loads of fun on car trips as a child.
4. I cannot read books in moving cars. Stationary cars - no problem. Which means, if I drove in and got a lot of reading done, traffic was really bad.
5. I grew up thinking that since I loved kids, I was going to have one. In my current state of mind, I have realized there are many things I can do for and with kids that don't include birthing them.
6. If I won the lottery, I would still work. But I might change careers, move to non-profit or try my hand at being a writer. I might still do those things - I just have to approach it differently what with my need for shoes, books, and yarn.
7. I love television. I have about 25 season passes on my Tivo and see nothing wrong with taking entertainment seriously. There are book clubs - no reason people shouldn't gather to have discussions about television also.