Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Customer is Grossed Out

So, about a week ago I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It had been quite a while. I returned to a place I had been to a time or two before, although my recollection is that those visits occurred during football season. The place has flatscreens up on the wall, and I recall sports coverage playing which was nice for me.
Well, this time, they had the Discovery Channel on. Now, I know Discovery and its brethren have some great, wonderful, and or educational shows. While I was there is was a show that might as well have been called, "Gross Stuff". There were people eating all sorts of unusual animals, people having bad reactions to eating such things, basically it was a giant gross out. And I wonder if this is wise. When your customers are all going, "Oh yuck" and worried about their kids freaking out, surely there is something else you could put on instead - whether a tame movie (although most movies run mid-day have been quite cropped) or a more traditional cooking show, or a design show. Sure, they won't appeal to everyone, but they won't disgust anyone either. (Well, unless they really hate Rachel Ray or something.)