Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 4 Picks

Note: Contains reference to racist sports team names.

Arizona at *Atlanta - Both teams are coming off of a loss, but I think Atlanta will rebound first. Quite a rebound. 1-0
*Dallas at Tennessee - Dallas has had too much non-news this week, and after the bye are ready to get back to football. Yes they were. 2-0
*Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets - The Jets defense isn't quite ready for Indy. Tight but Indy got it. 3-0
*Miami at Houston - Miami will use this week to recover. Houston squeaked it out. 3-1
Minnesota at *Buffalo - This is going to be a tight game, but if the Bills stop dropping the ball (literally) - they should prevail. And they got it. 4-1
*New Orleans at Carolina - Another tight game with two great defenses. I think The Saints can keep their streak going. Oops. 4-2
*San Diego at Baltimore - Two undefeated teams, but I think be rested may help the Chargers squeak it out. Apparently not. 4-3
San Francisco at *Kansas City - Struggling after Green's injury, the Chiefs should find their groove this week. Quite a groove. 5-3
Detroit at *St. Louis - Both teams have been inconsistent, but the Rams should be able to take this. And they did. 6-3
*Cleveland at Oakland - Both teams are struggling, but Oakland is struggling a little more. Yup. 7-3
Jacksonville at *Washington - Another tough game, but the Skins should be able to pull it out. Hail to the Redskins! 8-3
New England at *Cincinnati - The Bengals are looking great. But not this week. 8-4
*Seattle at Chicago - Seattle is also looking great. Again, not this week. 8-5
Green Bay at *Philadelphia - The green battle, should go to the home team. Not quite as good this week, but enough to get me to the playoffs. 9-5
Updated 10/3 with results