Friday, September 22, 2006

Week 3 Picks

Note: Contains reference to racist team names.

(This time the home teams are listed second)
Tennessee Titans - *Miami Dolphins - Both teams are win-less, but Miami should be able to find enough rhythm against the struggling Titans. The first of many close games this week. 1-0
Jacksonville Jaguars - *Indianapolis Colts - The Jags are looking good, but not quite that good. It'll be tight though Not a bad show against Indy. 2-0
*Washington Redskins - Houston Texans - While the Texans are of course a team of dedicated people, I think we can take them. (Really.) Yay! Although the penalties we are racking up remain atrocious. 3-0
*Green Bay Packers - Detroit Lions - The battle for the bottom of the NFC north. Folks are counting out the Packers but the Lions are often victims to tradition and one of them is losing to the Packers. I'm telling you, victims to tradition. 4-0
NY Jets - *Buffalo Bills - This is Buffalo's first home game and the third division game for both teams. Buffalo's been a little stronger and a little more consistent. Just had to mess with my streak there. 4-1
*Cincinnati Bengals - Pittsburgh Steelers - I'm going out on a limb here, because Cinci had a few injuries last week. But I'm betting on them being so freaking sick of hearing about the last time they played the Steelers. That should take care of those memories. 5-1
*Carolina Panthers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Great defense vs. struggling offense. It was a squeaker though. 6-1
*Chicago Bears - Minnesota Vikings - And here we have the battle for the top of the NFC North. Both solid defenses, but Chicago's got a rocking offense right now. Or just rocking enough. 7-1
*Baltimore Ravens - Cleveland Browns - Yeah. Closer than expected. 8-1
NY Giants - *Seattle Seahawks - The Giants had a great rally last week, so this'll be a tight one, but I think Seattle has better consistency. Oh yeah. 9-1
*Philadelphia Eagles - San Francisco 49ers - The Eagles have to be bitter after last week's OT loss. Very bitter. 10-1
St. Louis Rams - *Arizona Cardinals - Another tough battle that no one wants to lose. But Arizona is motivated and trying to create a home win streak. So much for that streak. 10-2
Denver Broncos - *New England Patriots - The snake had a bad week and going against the Pats isn't going to help. That snake is inconsistent. But the very nature of that means sometimes... 10-3
Atlanta Falcons - *New Orleans Saints - Should be a squeaker, but the Saints are rolling - or should I say marching. 11-3 Which puts me in a winning record - 2-0 overall
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