Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knitting - F and UF

So, I finally finished a dishcloth for the dishcloth KAL (entry posted here). Yeah, I had to get all fancy-like.

I have also been working on the Nina Shawl from Mason-Dixon - although it may end up as more of a throw. Here is what it looks like now. (Pictures to come - blogger's acting up a bit).

And I have signed myself up for the Grandma Purl stalker, I mean blanket project. I am going to knit a square for the blankets going to the Grandma Purl - grandma to Crazy Aunt Purl - and possibly others, since there are going to be quite a few squares. I'm playing with a mitered square with a slightly more interesting stitch. We shall see. (And hey, any squares that don't work for the blanket become dishcloths!)