Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm Not a Crazy Fan

I was reading the guest post by Shari Caudron over at Bookseller Chick about fans. (In the interest of disclosure, I have an entry about TV fans percolating). One of the things she said is that people - even people were at these fan events - would tell her that they weren't crazy like these other people.

Having recently finished Yarn Harlot's At Knits End (and also Knitting), I have been compiling my own list. So we have "Signs I Knit A Lot" and "Signs I'm not a Crazy Knitter and it is Totally Under Control"

A Lot because...
*Knitting is sometimes the first thing I do in the morning.
*I knit sometimes even when my hands hurt. (I'm working on this because I do know that's bad).
*I buy yarn without any idea what I am going to make with it.
*I have enough yarn to knit for the rest of the year and possibly part of next year without buying more.
*I drool when I get yarn sale announcements. (Even though I have so much yarn right now...)
*I have bought a second needle kit so I could have more projects on the needles at a time.
*I am a little sad that there are very limited selections of knitting jewelry.
*I blog about knitting.
*I have knit while on my stepper (a cheapo stairmaster-type thing.)
*I have turned someone's sweater inside out just to peek at how the knitting looked on the inside.

Under Control because...
*I have never bought seventy skeins at one store (as Yarn Harlot mentioned might have happened.) So see - I am in control.
*I have not acheived SABLE (stash aquisition beyond life expectancy).
*I don't buy new needles for every project (as one knitter I encountered said she did, to avoid having to track down the right needles each time).
*I try not to set a lot of deadlines around my knitting (eliminating the crazed knitting instead of sleeping because I decided to make everyone a sweater for the holidays issue).
*The people in the yarn store don't know my name (yet).
*I still buy knitted items.
*I have not found myself looking at items in stores and saying, "I could do that better!" (yet).
*I have established rules for the number of projects at a time and how to take breaks while knitting. And I follow them. Mostly.
*I Don't have yarn in my freezer.

So, see, it's totally reasonable and healthy. Really.